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BMW and MINI DIY Video, How to Install a Performance Tuning Module, aFe Scorcher, Dinantronics Sport, Burger JB Plus

Sep 29 16

Can you really add up to 60 Horsepower to your BMW for under $300 and 30 minutes of your time?

The short answer is yes, you sure can.  BMW’s newer turbocharged models make great power, right off the dealer’s showroom floor.  This applies to the four cylinder models just as well as the 6 and 8 cylinders.  With this noted, many BMW enthusiasts yearn for even more power and the BMW turbocharged 4 and 6-cylinder engines are certainly up to the task …. IF …. the engine management systems allow it.  The new generation of plug & play programmer/tuners from aFe Power, Burger Tuning and Dinan allow these engines to easily make “seat of the pants” power increases with great horsepower per dollar cost ratios and very little install time.  30 years ago, we would have to spend many times these amounts to achieve a 10% to 20% power gain.  We also would have spent dozens of hours to install the parts, all while working with comparatively dismal fuel economy.  The “Good Old Days of Hot-Rodding” are TODAY!

Click HERE for aFe, Burger and DINAN performance tuners

Let’s take a look at a few sample installations of the basic plug & play tuners from aFe, Burger and Dinan, on some BMW turbocharged models.

aFe Scorcher Power Module:

The aFe Power SCORCHER Module is designed to alter the pressure sensor signals to increase turbo boost to an optimum level throughout the entire RPM range. The result is a harmonious balance between power, throttle response and driveability. This module provides a hassle-free installation with no cutting, drilling or splicing and installation can typically be completed in around 30 minutes. Factory electronic accessories are not affected by installing the Scorcher module.  Available for most BMW turbo 4 & 6-cylinder models, including diesel and M3/4/5/6.

Burger Juice Box-Plus:

This plug-n-play performance tuner gives you huge power gains in just a few minutes. Choose the default gains or select maximum gains to be used with higher octane fuel.  Simply unplug two factory wires and insert the unit. That’s it — no cutting, no modifications, no tools. Plus, at the default setting, it will not trigger any codes. Available for most 6-cylinder BMW turbo models (except M & diesel) plus MINI.

Dinan DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner:

DINANTRONICS Sport employs simple design and execution that allows for easy installation or removal in just minutes, producing results you’ll feel, and enjoy, from the first start. The DINANTRONICS Sport Tuner incorporates Bluetooth capabilities that allow user controlled adjustability and a live boost monitor to keep track of the action.  Available for many late model 4 & 6-cylinder BMWs and MINI.

Bavarian Autosport

BAVauto® and FAG Bearings for BMW and MINI … 42 Years and Running

Aug 25 16

Friedrich Fischer invented the steel ball bearing grinding machine in 1883.  This development jump started the growth of the rotational bearing assembly, in reduction of friction in rotating assemblies.  Friedrich’s company, Fischer AG, has become today’s FAG; the symbol of high quality precision bearings and assemblies.  FAG quality has been recognized by BMW and many other manufacturers by becoming the original equipment supplier for wheel bearings and many other vehicle bearing needs.

BAVauto® has been using and offering FAG bearings since their start in 1974, servicing and repairing BMWs and now supplying high quality replacement parts to BMW and MINI enthusiasts worldwide.  BMW and MINI owners can feel confident and assured of the highest quality when ordering FAG replacement bearing assemblies from BAVauto®.

To see what’s available for your BMW or MINI, click the link below and enter your year and model, then search for the bearings that you need, for example; Wheel Bearings.

Click HERE for the BAVauto online store

FAG truly has been a leader in the bearing industry.  Check out just a few of the many milestones achieved by the company:

* 1883 – Fischer develops first high production high-precision ball bearing grinding machine.

* 1905 – FAG brand is registered in Berlin.

* 1911 – FAG bearings are the exclusive bearings used on Ray Harroun’s Marmon Wasp, winning the inaugural Indy 500 race.   ** Side note – BAVauto’s Otto is related to Ray Harroun!

* 1946-48 – Rebuilding after WWII.  We have all heard about the German bearing factories being strategic war targets … this was FAG.

* 1948 – 1990 – Many mergers and acquisitions, bearing design development, recovery from WWII and further market growth.

* 1990 – FAG enters the North-American market by acquiring Connecticut based precision bearing company, Barden Corporation.

* 1994 – FAG supplies precision bearings for the high pressure turbo pumps on NASA’s Space Shuttle program.

* 2003 – FAG, INA and LUK join as the Schaeffler Group.

* 2004-on – Further company innovations, growth and industry leadership assures the quality of the FAG brand.

Bavarian Autosport

Quickly Test Your BMW or MINI Coolant and Brake Fluid, ACUTEST 2 Test Strips

Aug 18 16

Knowing the actual condition of your BMW’s or MINI’s engine coolant and brake fluid is a vital part of keeping these systems in great condition, which goes a long way in helping to prevent system failures that may put you on the side of the road … or, worse, over the side of the road.


Coolant – Typically a mixture of water and antifreeze, it performs many tasks:

•    As its first priority, the coolant absorbs heat from the engine, then releases the heat to the  radiator.
•    The antifreeze in the coolant mixture has anti-corrosive chemicals to help prevent corrosion in the radiator and engine.
•    The antifreeze also contains lubricative chemicals to help prolong the life of the water pump.
•    The antifreeze prevents the coolant from freezing in cold weather by lowering the freezing point of the water/antifreeze mixture.
•    The antifreeze helps prevent the coolant mixture from boiling as the engine temperature goes up by raising the boiling point of the water/antifreeze mixture.

As the coolant mixture ages, the anti-corrosive properties diminish and the engine and cooling system are susceptible to internal corrosion.  The corrosion can weaken or destroy the parts as well as create blockages to the coolant flow ….. reducing cooling capacity and increasing the propensity for overheating.  Additionally, the anti-freeze capabilities can be reduced due to cooling system servicing, leakage, etc., with improper refills.  This can result in a damaged engine as the coolant freezes and expands, cracking the engine block or cylinder head.

At BavAuto® we recommend replacement of the coolant mixture every two years.  We recommend testing the coolant at least annually, especially coming up to the winter months, for its anti-freeze properties.  Additionally, the coolant mixture should be tested for summer usage to assure the optimum anti-boil and heat transfer properties.  In other words, a 50/50 mixture (50% antifreeze / 50% distilled water).  The ACUTEST2 kit will allow you to easily  keep tabs on your coolant condition.

Click HERE for BMW and MINI how to flush engine coolant DIY video


Knowing the condition of your brake fluid is critical in assuring that the fluid is in top functional condition as well as preventing corrosion of internal brake system parts.  The hydraulic braking systems on our BMWs and MINIs use the brake fluid to transfer the energy and movement of the brake pedal to the clamping of the brake pads against the rotating brake rotors, stopping the vehicle.  As brake fluid ages, it absorbs moisture.  This moisture is basically water.  What is water comprised of?  Hydrogen and Oxygen.  Your BMW’s or MINI’s brakes use friction to convert the moving energy of the vehicle into heat … to stop the vehicle.  This heat goes directly into the brake calipers at each wheel …. and into the brake fluid contained in the calipers.  If the brake fluid contains moisture, the moisture (water) can boil and release the Oxygen into the brake fluid.  This Oxygen (think of it as air) is compressible.  This mixture of brake fluid and compressible air reduces the efficiency of the brakes.  Pressing on the brake pedal produces excessive pedal travel and reduced hydraulic pressure to apply the brakes at the wheels.  In worst cases, the brakes can be fully ineffective during an emergency stopping situation.  At best, you could rear-end the vehicle in front of you due to an unexpected reduction in braking.

BavAuto® recommends annual flushing and replacement of the vehicle’s brake fluid.  This assures optimum brake system operation, even when excessively hot, as well as longest braking system component life cycles.  In addition to this, periodic testing of the moisture content of the fluid will show if the fluid needs to be flushed at an alternate interval.  The ACUTEST2 test strips make testing the brake fluid a quick and easy periodic maintenance task.

Click HERE for BMW and MINI how-to flush brake fluid DIY video

Click image below for ACUTEST2 test strip kits:


Bavarian Autosport