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P21S Wax Review, “It was P21S’s Very Clear Finish That Won Me Over”

Apr 19 17

P21S® wax is “the right combination of finish and ease. It’s very easy to apply and buff out”

This quote (above) comes from Paul Cain, a classic BMW hobbyist, Concours winner and Head Concours Judge, in a short bio he wrote for a leading BMW enthusiast magazine’s article on exterior vehicle detailing.  Paul’s modified BMW 3.0CSi was the inspiration that drove him to research detailing and finishing products.  In the early 2000′s, Paul’s quest for the optimum paint finishing products lead him to a Wax-Off test involving his Concours pals and a black BMW trunk lid.  This decidedly unscientific yet telling comparison, plus more research, led Paul to personally test a handful of top-rated waxes.  This led him to declare the P21S wax as his preferred choice.

Click HERE for info on one of the main independent tests that helped lead Paul to P21S. 

Paul notes that his selection was based on the combination of a deep, clear finish and ease of application and removal.  We can all identify with his note that if a product is too difficult to use, we will end up not using it as often.

Paul is now an unpaid and uncompensated spokesperson for P21S. (He and P21S want it this way, so there is no doubt that Paul fully believes in the product.)  You can see Paul and his 3.0CSi (Paul calls it a 3.8CSi, due to the modified, late-model BMW drivetrain he installed) in P21S advertisements in current automotive enthusiast magazines.

Introduced to the US in 1984, the quality of the P21S wax and detailing products immediately gained respect among automotive enthusiasts and manufacturers.  Today, the P21S commitment to world class quality is stronger than ever.

Read more from other automotive detailing nuts who love P21S, HERE.

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Take The New For a Test Drive – Live Now!

Apr 6 17

Hi all! April marks the official Grand Opening of the new

This new site works equally well on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. If you create an account on the site, you can keep several BMWs and/or MINIs in your ‘‘garage,’’ store multiple shipping addresses in your address book, review your purchase history, store a shopping cart, create a wish list, refine search results by size/color/brand/etc., and lots more.

As with any new site, this one is a work-in-progress and we are open to input from true BMW and MINI enthusiasts like you. So please take it for a test drive and let us know what you think.

Desk Top:


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BMW DIY, Z4 2.5i, 3.0i Water Pump Removal, How To Replace, E85, E86

Apr 5 17

The E85/6 Z4 Roadster and Coupe models (2003 through 2008) use the M54 24-valve, double VANOS, 6-cylinder engine.  Replacing the water pump on these models is done in the same manner as other BMW models that have the M50, M52, M52TU, M54a nd M56 engines (2.3, 2.5, 2.8, 3.0) , as well as the S50 and S52 M-engines.  Below is our DIY Video for replacing the water pump in these engines.  However, the E85/86 Z4 models with the M54 engine have a unique problem in removal of the water pump.

The E85/86 Z4 employs the radiator support (front brace) BEHIND the radiator (as opposed to in front, as most vehicles are set-up).  The support/brace prevents the water pump from being removed from the engine.  BMW’s service procedure is to remove the complete front of the car ….. in order to remove the support/brace and, ultimately, the water pump.

We have found a quick and easy way to remove the pump without the extra work that BMW suggests.


1) Remove any under-engine splash shield(s) in order to access the left (driver) side engine mount and oil pan.

2) Remove the lower securing nut from the left engine mount stud.

3) Place a floor jack under the mount arm or the oil pan (toward the left (driver) side of the pan, with a block of wood large enough to extend past the edges of the lower pan sump, between the pan and the jack pad.

4) Carefully lift the left side of the engine just enough to allow the water pump to be pulled forward through the opening in the structure of the support/brace.

5) Perform the water pump replacement, then lower and reconnect the left engine mount.  Install the splash shield(s) and finish the full water pump replacement.

Click HERE for BMW M54 Water Pump Replacement DIY Video

Click image below for Water Pumps, Thermostats, accessories and tools:

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