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BMW N52 6 Cylinder Engine Oil Leak at Oil Filter Housing – 325i, 330i, 328i, 525i, 530i, X3, X5, Z4, etc.

June 21, 2011

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

I have a 2006 BMW 530i (N52).   Replacing  a valve cover gasket at the dealer was very expensive a few months ago!  With that said, I hope you can help me save some money.  :-)  
I think my oil filter housing is leaking.   I can see oil residue around the area.   I believe there are two gaskets to replace (one for the heat exchanger and one for the oil filter housing).   Do you sell  the parts and can you help me out with instructions on how to fix my problem?   Also, do I need to replace the six screws or can I re use them?

We are finding that the N52 6-cylinder engines are having the same oil filter housing leakage issues that have become so familiar on the earlier M54 engines. The repair procedure is similar to that of the M54 applications and is covered in the applicable Bentley repair manuals. Basically, you remove the housing (after dismounting the alternator and power steering pump and the oil cooler or disconnecting the coolant hoses) and replace the gaskets. The N52 engine has a gasket between the oil filter housing and the oil cooler, which should be replaced “while you’re in there”.

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N52 oil filter housing to oil cooler housing

Bentley repair manual:

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