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Replacing Fog Lights On A 1992 525i (E34)

August 25, 2009

Q I would like to replace the right fog light on my ’92 525i. Can I use the instructions for the 3 series on your website (below) to do this?

3 Series 92 to 98 Fog Light Replacement
To install a fog light, insert a flat blade screwdriver through the front bumper grill and release the fog light retaining clip. Remove the fog light and disconnect the wiring harness. Installation is the reverse of removal.


A Though comparable, the procedure for replacing the fog light on your 525i is a little bit different than the procedure for a 325i, which we showed in the Summer 2004 issue of Fast Times. First, remove the towing eye cover, (the piece right next to the fog light toward the center of the car) by depressing the locking tab at the upper inside corner and lifting the cover out. Behind the cover is a single screw; remove that screw, then remove the light from the car and disconnect the wiring harness. Installation is the reverse.

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