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BMW E38 7-Series Fog Light and Bulb Removal – Replacement, DIY, 740i, 740il, 750il Driving Light

May 25, 2011

car year: 2001
car model: 750il
Please explain the replacement of the FOG LAMP assembly including the LAMP/BULB for the 2001 – E38. Do you recommend a specific type of BULB for the FOG LAMP unit?

The E38 chassis (7-series 95-01) fog lights use H3 style bulbs. We offer these bulbs as standard replacement 55-watt units as well as 100 watt upgrades and the PIAA Extreme White upgrades, which are a nice match to HID/Xenon headlights.

Bulbs (H3 and others):

Fog and driving lights:

E38 chassis fog light and fog light bulb replacement procedure:

1)  Insert a medium-long screwdriver into the upper hole next to the fog light.  Push the screwdriver in to release the fog light mounting latch.

2)  Pull the inboard end of the light assembly out of the bumper and remove the assembly.

3)  Remove the harness plug from the light assembly.

4)  Depress the retaining clip and remove the bulb access cover from the light assembly.

5)  Press the bulb retainer clip down and to the side to release the clip.

6)  Remove the bulb and disconnect the female spade on the end of the bulb’s connection wire from the male spade on the access cover.

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