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BMW E30 – Removing Bumper Cover 88-91, 325i

April 28, 2011

car year: 1989
car model: 325i
I’m having trouble figuring out how to remove the actual bumper covers to replace them. I have taken whole bumper off of the car already but can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the cover. Can you explain to me how to achieve this please? Thanks in advance.

* Remove the black impact trim strips (they just snap off).

* Remove the plastic rivets that go through the bumper cover, into the aluminum support beam. You can now remove the cover from the support beam.

In the future, you can just remove the cover (if you do not specifically need to remove the support beam) by removing the impact strips and then the rivets .. and slide the cover forward.

Front bumper parts:

Rear bumper parts:

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