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BMW and MINI OBD-II Fault Codes, P1351 and P1352, Misfire (Miss-Fire) With Fuel Cutoff

April 28, 2011

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

I have a problem with my 2002 530i 5speed with sport package. My code read states that the problems are at cylinder 5 and 6, “Misfire at fuel cut-off” the codes are P1351 and P1353. What do you think? I have not checked the spark plugs, the coil packs, or looked for oil in the spark plug well. I have 193K on the engine. I just changed the CCV as per your youtube video instructions! You video is  a excellent, I had to make one minor alteration in your instructions, I used a large mechanic mirror to align the first hose that connects to the intake manifold. Otherwise, it was good to go! Great job! Thank you very much.

The misfire with fuel cut-off is indicating a misfire and the engine management is shutting off the fuel flow to that cylinder when the miss-fire is detected. Since the misfires are only on two cylinders, we should first consider issues that are cylinder specific. In other words; spark plugs, spark plug boots, coils, injectors, etc. Of these, we’ll start with spark plugs, boots and coils.

* Obviously, if there is any oil in the spark plug wells, this could be the source of the faults and you need to replace the valve cover gaskets and the spark plug boots.

Valve cover and other engine gaskets:

If no oil:

* Swap the coils from cylinders 5 & 6 with those from two other cylinders (keep track of which coil is moving to which cylinder). For this first stage, keep the connector boots with the coils. Clear the fault codes and see if the codes return at the same cylinders (see paragraph “B”, below, if this is the case) or if they have moved to the swapped locations (See paragraph “A”, below).

If the codes have moved to the swapped cylinders, leave the boots at these cylinders and just move the coils back to the original cylinders (5 & 6, in this case). Clear the codes again and see if/how they return. If the codes move with the coils, replace the coils. If the codes stay at the previously swapped locations (where you left the boots that were originally at 5 & 6), replace all of the boots.

Coils, boots and ignition parts:

If the codes stayed at the original cylinders, remove the spark plugs and inspect them. If they look obviously worn or contaminated, it’s probably time to replace all of them. Test by swapping these two plugs with two others (similar to the coils swap described above). Clear the codes and see if they return at the original cylinders or if they move with the plugs.

Spark plugs:

Obviously, if the spark plugs and connector boots have not been serviced for quite some time, you would be wise in performing an ignition tune-up at this time (spark plugs and connector boots).

If none of the above diagnostics indicate that the problem is oil, spark plugs, boots or coils, let us know and we’ll start with stage-2 diagnostics.

  1. Ken permalink

    Thank you! Will do, and I will inform you of the outcome!

    Kindest regards,


  2. Carlos permalink

    “I have the same problem (code: 1351) and I changed the boot, coil, spark plug and no oil in the spark plug. Same code, what should I do now?”

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