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BMW ABS-ASC-DSC-Traction Control Module-Unit, Coding-Programming, E39, E38, E53, X5

April 25, 2011

car year: 2003
car model: 525i
Otto….I need to have the DSC/ABS control unit in my E39 replaced but I really don’t want to pay the $1000+ from a dealer or service center. I can get the part and it looks fairly simple to install but how do I get it programmed? What does the programming entail? I saw a string in which you tell how to disable it by holding it down until the brake light comes on, but wonder how advisable that is. I live in flat Florida but worry about the rain.

While Bavarian Autosport can offer you a replacement ABS control unit, we cannot program it for you (this applies to E39 5-series 97-03, E38 7-series 95-01 and E53 X5 thru 06). The programming (or coding) must be done at a BMW dealer or by an independent shop that has the proper diagnostic and coding equipment. You certainly can install the unit, but the coding must be done by a shop, as noted.

We’re not aware of the disabling procedure that you mentioned. Additionally, be advised that if there were ever an incident involving the vehicle, disabling a feature like ABS or the SRS system could put you in a messy legal position.

The proper control unit is dependant on the vehicle model and specific options and equipment. Please feel free to give our agents a call at 800-535-2002 for pricing and/or ordering on this part.

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