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BMW DIY – E36 3 series 92 Thru 98: Replacing Fog Light or Bulb – How To

June 4, 2013

Two of the most common requests for help that Otto receives for this chassis are how to change the H1 fog light bulbs and what to do about cracked fog lights. Both are simple; all you need is a medium, flat-bladed screwdriver.  All of the E36 3-series models use the same fog lights, even though the bumpers for M3 and non-M3 are different.

This DIY applies to all E36 models (92-98 – 318i, 318is, 323is, 323ic, 318ic, 325i, 325is, 325ic, 328i, 328is, 328ic, M3 and 99 M3, 323is, 323ic).


1. The fog light assembly is held in its mounting bracket  by a pivot pin on the out-board end and a simple  snap-clip on the inboard end. To release the clip, insert a screwdriver into the upper access hole, press on the clip (shown in inset A) and remove the fog light assembly. [NOTE: M3 bumper shown above; on non-M3 bumpers access hole is at outer ends of the grill openings.]

2. Unplug the wiring harness. NOTE: a few new fog light assemblies come with the bulbs already installed. If your assembly does, proceed to Step 4.


3 To replace the bulb, twist the black connector housing counterclockwise and remove it from the fog light bulb mount. Squeeze the ends of the bulb retainer clip (inset B) and pull out the bulb. Unplug the bulb wire and replace the bulb. (DO NOT touch the bulb’s glass with your bare fingers.) Reassemble the connector housing.

4 To install the fog light assembly, align the outboard pivot hooks with the tabs on the mounting bracket and push the inboard end into the opening until the securing clip snaps closed.

Fog Light:

PIAA Xtreme White Bulbs – H-1:

Bulb – H1 100 watt:

H-1 Bulb – 55 watt:

Bavarian Autosport

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