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DSC Warning Light

January 27, 2010

Q I own a 2000 328i 4-dr sedan with 105K miles on it. My question is there any way to safely (and easily) disconnect the DSC. The triangular light keeps coming on and when I take it to my local mechanics, they just tell me I have to take it to BMW. I don’t want to do that, and I live in Florida so I don’t have to worry about ascending or descending any hilly roads. What is your advice?

A If the DSC is working properly, you would have two levels of disabling the system.

1) pushing the button turns the system partially off. You still have traction control.

2) After the first push of the button (and the light is on), you can push the button and hold it down until the DSC and the BRAKE lights both come on. At this time, the complete system is turned off.

Since your light is coming on without pushing the button or spinning the tires, you likely have a fault in the DSC/ABS control unit. If this is the case, the control unit must be replaced. A BMW dealer can plug into the internal diagnostic of the system in order to check what the fault is.

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