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BMW Transmission Fault Codes – Limp Mode – Safety Fail – Transmission Programming

February 10, 2011

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 2000
car model: X5 4.4i
I have a 2000 X5 with about 130,000 miles. There was a message on the message board that said ( transmission programming, safety fail) and it goes into limp mode when that message come up. I shut the motor off and restart and everything work fine. can you help me with this problem.

The fault message on the Check Control display, will have also generated a fault code that is stored in the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and possibly in the Engine Control Unit (ECU).  You’ll need to access the fault code in order to see what the system is doing (and, potentially, why).  A standard fault code reader tool that will access BMW proprietary codes may be able to read the transmission fault code, if it was one that can be read by a standard code reader.  Some of the transmission faults can be accessed by these tools and some cannot.  However, it must be a tool that is capable of reading more than just the generic OBD-II mandated codes (must be able to read the BMW proprietary codes).  We do offer two such tools.  One tool is BMW specific and, through the use of various adapters, will read and reset fault codes on all BMW models, as well as reset the inspection and oil change reminders on models that have the round or D-shaped diagnostic ports under the hood (most models 1982-2000).  The second tool will read OBD-II codes as well as manufacturer proprietary codes, for all makes and models.  Again, not all transmission codes can be accessed by these “end user” tools.

Alternately, you can have the transmission codes checked by a BMW dealer or an independent shop that has the proper scan and diagnostic tools.

Once we have the fault code(s), we can make a further determination.

Fault code reader tools:

Note – the SR 300, SR 300-U & SR 300-16 will read BMW proprietary codes.  Additionally, the SR 300 based tools will reset the inspection and oil change reminders on your 2000 model, and any others that have the round port under the hood.  The Launch CR-6 code reader will also read the BMW proprietary codes).

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