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BMW and MINI Facebook Input – Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement DIY on E36

February 2, 2011

We recently published a Facebook post which asked:

 ”We’re planning the newsletter articles and DIY videos to make in the coming year. What would you like to see us tackle? Are there any BMW or MINI issues you wish someone (i.e. Bavarian Otto) would address?”

We received many great suggestions that will be helpful to many BMW and MINI owners.  We also noted that quite a few of the requests are already covered through our Fast Times newsletter, our blog.bavauto web site and /or our DIY videos.

Here’s one of the requests that we have addressed through the above mentioned mediums:

Dennis asked: “Rear Wheel Bearing replacement DIY on E36″


Please see the blog link below, for a DIY procedure on replacing rear wheel bearings on most BMW models from the early/mid ’80s-on.

Click HERE for BMW Rear Wheel Bearing replacement

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