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BMW Z3 Worn Seat Bushings – Moving Seat

January 17, 2011

car year: 2001 car model: Z3 3.0 My driver seat slips forward about an inch when I brake, and then slides back when I accelerate. I fixed my 328is seat problems using your article and the new gears I got from you, but this seems like a different issue. Any ideas? Many thanks!

Your slipping or moving seat is actually not uncommon.  The Z3 seats have four bushings in the underframe that can (and do) wear.  When the bushings are worn, the seat can move forward and back as you brake and accelerate.  BMW does not offer these bushings as repair parts.  However, we do have special made reinforcement kits that renew the bushings.  Installation does require minor dissassembly of the seat.

Z3 seat bushing reinforcement kit:
NOTE – These guidelines address replacing the original bushings with new BMW bushings that are a part of a dealer-only repair kit (we have found that these wear out as well).  When you get to the step for removing and replacing the actual bushings, just install the new reinforcement bushings instead of the BMW bushings.

Click HERE for Installation Guidelines. 

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  1. Bill replied:

    Once again, your help is invaluable! I will let you know how the repair goes after I get the new bushings from you and install them. Thanks again!

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