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BMW and MINI – P0441 Fault Code Incorrect Purge Flow

January 7, 2011

I own a 2000 BMW 528i it is an automatic with 108,000 miles, and I have a “service engine soon” light that just came on. I used my OBDII code reader and got a P0441 error code that says “Evaporative Emission Systems Incorrect Purge Flow”. The car seems to run fine and I have unscrewed the gas cap and put it back on, the light remains on. Can you think of what I should try next or what this could be?

The purge valve is a part of the fuel tank venting system. The first step is to reset (clear) the fault code and see if it returns. If it does, we may have a faulty purge valve or a possible leak in the system. We would recommend checking the seal on your gas cap as a first potential source of the “incorrect purge flow”. If the seal looks fine and seems to seal fine, or you replace the gas cap, and the fault continues, we would look to the purge valve as the likely culprit. On your M54 6-cylinder engine, the purge valve is mounted under the front of the intake manifold.  On other 6-cylinders, 4-cylinders, V8s, V10s and V12s, the valve is mounted differently. The applicable Bentley repair manual will address the location of the valve.

Gary Replied:

I cleared the codes and replaced the gas cap and so far, so good. Thanks for all you help and quick response.

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Bentley Repair Manual:



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