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2003 BMW 330i E46 Automatic Transmission Warning Light and Fluid Level

November 30, 2010

I have a 2003 330i, the transmission light came on in the dash a while ago, I shut off the motor and waited 10 seconds and started it again, the light went out and it shifted ok. Now it did it again, this time the light came on and won’t go out. It starts in 3rd gear and the light won’t go out. I checked the fluid level with the car running and 1 qt of trans fluid came out of the fill hole…. it seems to be over filled. What can be causing it not to shift in lower gears? This is an automatic triptronic transmission.

Did you recently have the transmission fluid serviced (to have it be over-filled)? Actually, it would be practically impossible to overfill it, since the fluid would just start coming out of the fill hole. Are you sure you pulled the correct “plug”? As for the transmission fault warning, and being in “limp mode”, we will need to check the internal transmission controller fault codes to see what is recorded. In the mean time, make sure that all of the tires are inflated to the same pressure and let’s do a system voltage test. Use a voltmeter across the battery terminals, with the engine idling, you should have 13 volts or more.

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