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1998 BMW 318i Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid

November 9, 2010

I need instructions on how to change the automatic transmission fluid in a 1998 318i BMW. Do I need any special tools and how much and what type fluid do I need? Or is this something a dealer should do?

Changing the automatic transmission fluid and filter is a relatively straight forward job. See the DIY article in the Spring 2006 issue of our Fast Times newsletter. The article shows a V8 car, but your 318i will be similar. One difference will be that you have two pans….. a larger main pan, with the filter inside, and a smaller pan to the front of the main pan. To remove the most fluid, remove the front pan as well. The Bentley repair manual will detail the full procedure for the fluid and filter replacement. You should have standard metric automotive tools (including Allen head bits or drivers) and a way to get under the car safely and properly.

Filter kit:




Bentley repair manual:


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