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BMW Camber Kit – Rear – 2002, E12, E21, E23, E24, E28, E30, Z3, 318ti

November 3, 2010

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 2000
car model: M Coupe
My question is regarding the adjustable rear trailing arm bushings for the Z3. I own a 2000 M Coupe which does not come with an adjustable rear suspension. The inner shoulder of my rear tires are wearing significantly quicker than it should due to both camber and toe. I have heard that one of the biggest disadvantages of this kit compared to weld-on kits is that they go out of adjustment very quickly, therefore requiring frequent alignments. Can you confirm whether this is true and whether these adjustable bushings have enough strength to maintain a proper alignment for spirited driving on the street.

We have not experienced the trailing arm type rear camber kits not holding adjustment. We do have many of these kits out on the road and also on cars that see track days. Additionally, the kit that your 2000 M-Couple would use (early type trailing arms – same as the E30 chassis) is of a design that would be even more secure than the later trailing arm design, in it’s settings.  Over time (and through conversations with customers and installers), we have come to the conclusion that some installers are not properly tightening the nuts on the through bolts. In this case, the bushing would certainly have a potential to rotate and change the settings.

My personal E30 has this kit installed and the car does see track days. I have never had an issue with the settings changing, other than from minor wear – over time.

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