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BMW Late Model Jacking Points – E38, E39, E46 etc.

November 2, 2010

I’m attempting to replace the brake pads on my 2003 525i. I want to put the front end on jack stands, but it looks like there is only one place to put the floor jack, to raise the car on each side. If I’m using that place for the jack, where do I put the jack stand, before I remove the jack?

We find that the late model BMWs, that have full splash shields under the car, can be a bit frustrating in respect to placing jack stands. If the front of the uni-body frame rails or the engine crossmember are exposed, you can place the stands or the jack  there.  If using the frame rails, place the jack or the stands at the point just before the frame units curve up, along the firewall. You can also use the control arm bushing mounting points as a temporary stand location.  These are often not covered by the splash panels. Alternately, you can jack the vehicle up, temporarily place a jack stand under the control arm (or something that would keep the car from falling if the jack failed  (keep the jack in-place), remove the splash panels to expose frame rails, engine crossmembers, etc.  You can then re-jack from either a frame rail, the crossmember or the rocker panel lifting pads and reposition the stands on the rails, crossmember or the rocker panel pads.

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