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BMW Fault Codes E46 – M54 – Crankshaft Position Sensor + Mixture Preparation

October 7, 2010

I recently purchased the Bavarian Autosport Reset tool with Engine Fault Code Reader #SR 300-U.
I connected it on 2004 BMW 330Ci and the following code appeared which I try to decode it using the
booklet that came with it. Can you help me clarify each code, please.
Fc – 20
c – 3c – 1d
c – 28 – 83
c – 28 – 82

The codes that you noted, are as follows:

Table/Chart # 20
3c1d = Crankshaft position signal
2883 = Mixture preparation, Bank 2 (cylinders 4-6)
2882 = Mixture preparation, Bank 1 (cylinders 1-3)

The crankshaft position fault is likely due to a faulty crankshaft position sensor. The mixture codes may very well be a result of the crankshaft position sensor’s faulty signal. We would recommend that you replace the sensor, clear the codes, and then see if any return. For example, if the crankshaft position code does not return, but the mixture codes do, the sensor has been repaired, but the mixture codes will still need to be addressed. If no codes return, then the mixture codes were due to the faulty information that the sensor was sending to the engine management system.

Crankshaft Position Sensor:

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