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BMW 528i Turn Signal Indicators Not Working – E39, E38, X5

September 1, 2010

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

car year: 1998 car model: 528i The turn lights (flashes) are working fine in the outside of my car . However, the periodic ticking sound and the turn signal indicator lights in the instrument cluster are not working at all. What could be the problem? Thank you very much for your help.

The most common fault for the symptoms that you’ve described, would be the Bulb Control Module (also known as Lamp Control Module or LKM). This would apply to the E39 (5-series 97-03), E38 (7-series 95-01) and E53 (X5 through 06). The bulb control module can be responsible for various exterior lighting troubles as well as the turn signal instrument indicators not operating and the turn signals and/or flashers operating on their own or not at all.

A replacement LKM does need to be coded by a BMW dealer or independent shop that has the proper equipment, prior to installation.

Call our advisers at 800-535-2002 for assistance with replacement LKM units.

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