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BMW 330i E46 ( M54 ) Crankcase Ventilation Repair – Replacement

August 24, 2010

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

I have a BMW330 with 110,000 miles and I have an oil leak that my shop claims is coming from the CCV system. I have been on line and haven’t came up with a diagram to show this system and parts needed. This is a list of parts that the shop I use says we need, obviously I am going to do this myself. Please feel free to add anything you see I have missed or parts I have listed I don’t need.
Parts list:
Crank Case Hose 11-61-1-432-559
Crank Case Hose 11-61-1-440-317
Crank Case Hose 11-65-7-532-649
Crank Case tube assembly 11-15-7-520-035
CCV 11-61-7-501-566
? 11-157-532-649
? 11-617-504-535
I am not sure what the last 2 items are. Is there anything else that you would change as well.

Please see the blog post in the link below, for detailed info on the crankcase ventilation system replacement. Some of the part numbers that you listed have been superceded and some are incorrect for your 330i. We offer a kit which gives you the three main ventilation hoses, the valve assembly, the oil drain hose and a length of vacuum hose (for models without electric throttle).  The valve and the hoses are the upgraded cold weather versions.

Click HERE for Crankcase Ventilation Repair DIY

Crankcase ventilation System (PCV) Repair Kit:

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