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1998 BMW 323i E36 M52 Thermostat – Low Engine Temperature

August 25, 2010

My BMW is running on the cool side, the temperature indicator just makes it out of the blue area on the dial, as I recall it used to run pretty much straight up, half way between the red and the blue. I am only worried about the engine running too cool and maybe loosing performance. The car runs fine, but I guess I worry too much. Do you think it’s worth the effort to change the thermostat, or is it good enough?

When the engine runs too cool, you can have a few negative things happening.

* Engine management system stays in “warm-up” mode. This will hurt fuel economy and can reduce engine and/or catalytic converter life due to running too rich all the time (too much fuel).

* The extra fuel will tend to work its way into the oil and contaminate the oil, reducing its lubricating properties.  In the long term, this would cause premature wear-out of the engine components.

Sooooo …. you really should not ignore this. You should replace the thermostat. We also offer an upgraded thermostat housing. The original is plastic and has a history of cracking. We offer a replacement aluminum housing.



Thermostat housing:


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