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2002 BMW 330i E46 ABS And Traction Control Lights/System

July 19, 2010

After getting my BMW out of the Ice (spinning tires) after a snow storm, The DSC warning light along with a Yellow Brake Warning lamp stays on. It will not turn off by pressing the button. Car seems to handle and drive fine. How do I get the lights to reset or turn off?

There is not a reset for the ABS and traction control lights/system. The lights are likely on due to a fault in the system. You may have damaged a wheel speed sensor or there may be some other fault in the system. The only way to know what is generating the fault is to have the system faults read with a diagnostic tool. This is not the standard engine diagnostic tool that is readily available, through Bavarian Autosport or local auto parts stores. It must be the BMW specific diagnostic tool that a BMW dealer or a well equipped independent shop would have.

If you would like to inspect the four wheel speed sensors, prior to sending it off to a shop, you may find a damaged wire or something else.  In this case, replace the damaged sensor.  If all of the sensors and harnesses look OK, you will need to have the system’s internal faults checked.  Once we have the fault, we can determine a course of action.

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