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1998 BMW 740i Ignition Switch – E38 – Intermittent No Start

July 14, 2010

have a BMW 1998 740i and this is what I am experiencing, sometimes if I try to start the car it will respond on the first attempt and sometimes to I have to keep trying for about the forth try before the car will start and I soon as it starts the idle stays on and every thing is fine. Now my question is what will be the cause for it not starting sometimes on the first try.

We have seen very common failures of the ignition switch (the electrical switch, that the key activates). These failures can result in many odd electrical troubles through the car, that you’d never think to relate to the ignition switch, as well as intermittent starting problems. The switch is easy to install and is not terribly expensive …. if you’d like to try it. The Bentley repair manual guides you through the replacement.

Ignition switch:


Bentley repair manual:


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