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BMW 2002 E46 330ci HID Headlamp

June 16, 2010

Once again I am in need of your expert knowledge. My ’02 E46 330ci driver side headlamp went out on me yesterday. A couple of days back, the lamp indicator flashed but then went away and the headlight continued to work but now, it’s completely out. Is this as simple as me ordering one replacement bulb or something more ‘serious’ (I hope not).
NOTE: It’s a ‘Bi-Xenon’ unit

It does sound like the Xenon headlight bulb is “burned-out”. If you’d like to test it, just swap the left and right side bulbs and if the same bulb continues to be non-functional, then it is indeed burned-out. If, after swapping the bulbs, the driver side is still inoperative … let us know and we’ll take further steps. We do stock the replacement bulbs. Be aware that the Xenon bulbs can change color slightly as they age. Therefore, a new bulb may not be exactly the same color as the old bulb, on the other side. If this bothers you, you may wish to replace both sides. We do also offer the upgraded PIAA Xenon bulbs.

Click below for PIAA & Standard Xenon bulbs:

  1. Jim Brown permalink

    Before replacing the bulb, try clicking the headlight rotary switch back and forth quickly. Mine had dirty contacts, and showed a bad bulb light on the instrument cluster also. It hasn’t done it since, but I will remove it and spray it with CRC QD contact cleaner (or DeoxIT contact cleaner & enhancer – Otto) if it does.

    Deoxit Contact Cleaner & Enhancer

  2. Urick permalink

    While you’re waiting to purchase new bulb(s), leave the bad bulb(s) in. If you leave the bulbs out, the sockets will be charred from arching everytime the headlights are turned on.

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