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BMW 1999 323is Check Engine Light Stays On?

June 16, 2010

I’ve got this problem with my 1999 323is….I just don’t know where to start, I would really appreciate your advice. My check engine light started coming on from time to time…..the engine idles smooth, no problem with the belts, no temp. problems. In fact, for awhile I used fuel injector cleaner to take care of this problem, but it always come back after a while. I’d like to know what are some common causes that could make the indicator come on. I know there is a expensive tool that can be used….but what are some things I can do?

When the Check Engine light comes on, the engine management system is recording a fault code. There is no way to know what the code is without using a code reading tool to check. Once we check the code(s) and fix the issue … and reset the system (which will turn the light off and erase the code), the light will be off. We do offer a code reader tool that you can use at home. The tool also resets the service and oil change reminders.  Without checking what codes are stored, we could replace any number of items and still not have cured the fault.

Fault code & reset tool:

Once we have the code(s), we can make a further determination on what is at fault.

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