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BMW Service Reset E90, E91, E92, E93, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66 – Microfilter, Oil, etc.

May 26, 2010

2006 325i
How do I reset service light after replacing the microfilter. I do have a fault code reader for this model, is it capable of resetting this service light when it says “service overdue”.

This procedure applies to:

E90 chassis (3-series 06-11, 4dr) and E91 / E92 / E93 (3-series 06-11, 2dr, conv, wagon)

E60/61 chassis (5-series 04-10, exc GT)

E63/64 chassis (6-series 04-10)

E65/66 chassis (7-series 02-08)

 You can reset the various service reminders as follows:

*** This procedure will NOT work if:-
- The remaining percentage is greater than 80%;
- The time and date have not been set

1) Insert key.

2) Press START/STOP button without pressing clutch/brake, wait for the service reminder to disappear.

3) Immediately, after service reminder goes out, press and hold the odometer reset. After 3 seconds a warning triangle will appear. Keep the odometer reset button pressed. After another 2-3 seconds the oil-can symbol will appear. If you hold the button too long, about 10 seconds, the system will go into an internal coding mode. In this case, shut everything down and start over.

4) After properly performing step-3, the system will be in the service menu mode. Use the push button (BC button) on the end of the left steering column switch (wipers, high/low beams) to scroll through the various service items.

5) When the item you wish to reset is displayed, press the BC button on the end of wiper switch. “Reset” should now appear in the display. Press and hold the BC button for 2-3 seconds. A small clock display will show as the reset is being performed.

6) You can now select another item to reset (as in step-4) or press the START/STOP button to end.

Click below for microfilters:

  1. SPAR permalink

    I replaced my run flats with conventional tires on my 07 335i (18″ wheels) and bought Bav Auto’s tire kit. It was a really good decision, the ride is a lot more comfortable and I saved money even including the cost of the kit (I bought Yokohama Z rated tires). The spare kit takes up a fair amount of trunk space, but it is a small price to pay.

  2. Peter permalink

    It worked!!!!
    Thanks to that I have seved myself £££££’S
    Thank you for posting that,

  3. Tim permalink

    Worked for me too! Thanks!

  4. CHRISTIAM permalink

    Thanks you so much. That works great . Replacing microfilter was so easy to replace and reset the service signal too. Save around $150 dollars.
    Thank you again

    • Thanks for the kind words. We’re glad we can help!

  5. Don permalink

    thanks. this was totally straightforward with your help

  6. thomas permalink

    i cant reset mircofilter it was overdue is there something diff. need to be done if its overdue. I have an 05 E60.

    • You should still be able to perform the reset if the service was showing as overdue. Have you been able to reset any of the other service parameters?

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