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Engine Oil Warning Light, 2000 323i (E46)

October 12, 2009

Every time I start my 2000 323i, I notice that the Engine Oil light comes on. I have checked and found that the engine oil is at the appropriate level, so why does this little yellow engine oil light keep coming on? Any suggestions?

The yellow Engine Oil light always illuminates during start-up, but then it usually goes out once the engine is running. If the oil light remains illuminated, or comes on while the engine is running, this would typically indicate a very low oil level. If the oil level is fine, you likely need to replace the oil level sending unit (see the diagram below). It is mounted in the oil pan. Replacing this unit is not a difficult job – if you can do an oil change, you can handle this. The procedure is outlined in the Bentley repair manual for the 3 series 99 thru 05 (#B305).

BMW Oil Pan

BMW Oil Pan

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