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BMW ABS & Traction Control (ASC, DSC, Etc.) Warning Lights – Speed Sensor Fault

May 10, 2010

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

I have ABS and traction control warning lights on. When the fault code is read, it says “wheel speed sensor signal, right front”. What should I do?

If the internal fault codes for the ABS system, are saying that the right-front speed sensor signal is at fault, most likely the sensor itself is faulty. There is the possibility that the wiring or the toothed gear wheels that the sensor reads could be at fault. However, the far more likely cure would be to replace the ABS speed sensor.

Click below for BMW ABS wheel speed sensors:

  1. dave permalink

    my car an E46 convertible sufferd the asc/abs/handbrake light on , intermitant fault, i took it for an mot but it failed due the lights being on , the mot tester put it on the computer and found it to be the right rear wheel sensor, i took the car away and took the sensor off , it was just full of dirt on the end, put it back on replaced the wheel, light still stayed on at first but toook the car for short drive and lights went off , and have stayed off for the last week or so. before you buy a new sensor just check the old one first for any debri on the end between the sensor and the cog.

    • Good point. Depending on your environment, build-up on the sensor or the toothed wheel (that the sensor reads) can upset the readings and cause a fault.

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