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BMW Rechargeable Flashlight – Glovebox & lighter Socket

May 6, 2010

This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below.

I just bought a 2008 328xi and the flashlight was missing. I have been told that newer cars do not come with a flashlight. however, other people have told me that it is supposed to be there and it is mentioned in the owners manual where to find it, in the recess at the side of the glove compartment.

It took a bit of digging, but I have found the BMW rechargeable flashlight, for the later model BMW chassis, that fits in the charging socket on the left side of the glovebox. If your E90/91/92/93 3-series, E60/61 5-series, E63/64 6-series, E65/66 7-series, X3 or Z8 has a rectangular flashlight mounting/charging socket on the side of the glovebox, and you can see that there are two electrical contacts in the socket, then this flashlight will work for your BMW.  This light also fits later model E46 3-series cars (from 01/05-on).

Click below for this late model glovebox flashlight:
3-series 01/05 – 07
5-series 01/05 – 02/08
6-series 01/05 – 08
7-series 01/05 – 09
X3 through 07
X5 1/05 – 06
Z8 1/05 on


Glovebox flashlight for Late model BMWs

We offer the rechargeable glovebox flashlights for just about every BMW model. If your BMW is missing the flashlight or the flashlight batteries will no longer hold a charge, a new replacement flashlight will will supply you with the emergency or convenience lighting that you need.

 Click below for all other BMW flashlights:
All models prior to those listed above

Finally, if your BMW does not have the rectangular flashlight recharging port, in the glovebox, we offer the BMW rechargeable flashlight that fits into the lighter/accessory socket.

Click below for the BMW lighter socket flashlight:   

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