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Transmission Problems – 2003 330Ci E46

May 4, 2010

Please find below the details of the transmission problem that my car developed.

2003 330Ci w/ 112,000 miles.

November: First time the transmission warning light turned on was when I was traveling at 60 mph. I stepped on the brake hard to a sudden stop. I did not hit anything, I just had to stop quick to avoid a vehicle.

  • The warning light for the “transmission” and the “check engine soon” came on.
  • The warning light for the transmission would disappear after turning the engine off and back on. However, the “Check Engine Soon” would always be on.

December: After hitting a speed bump on the road which hit the transmission.

  • There is a humming/buzzing noise when I shift into first gear, or reverse. The sound goes away once I begin to drive. The sound also goes away when in neutral.
  • When the transmission fluid is cold it has a hard time going, I usually have to kick it up to 2000rpm or higher to get moving. This ritual is daily.

Shops have diagnosed the problem from computer errors and faults to speed sensor problems, to forward pumps and torque converters. I am in a dilemma, either it’s too expensive, or questionable. I don’t want to make a wrong choice, I want to keep the car after the repair and it better be trouble free for at least a year or more. What would you recommend?

For your transmission, I would suggest that if the pan is pushed in, you remove the pan and either replace it or push it back out. Inspect the underside of the valve body assembly for damage. Replace the filter, fill with fresh fluid and see what happens. If the problem remains, I would suggest a low mileage used transmission at a much lower cost than new or rebuilt.

Please feel free to give us a call if you’d like to explore the above option.

As for the check engine light. Each time the light comes on, it will generate a fault code for the engine management system. Has anyone check the engine codes? We do offer a tool that you can use to do this, as well as resetting the codes.

The latest issue with the information display, may indicate a faulty signal lever or there may be a fault in the display unit. A BMW dealer would be better able to diagnose this. Please feel free to let us know what you find.

bmw reset tool

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