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BMW DIY Video, Hood and Trunk Roundel Emblem Replacement – How To

April 19, 2010

Is your hood or trunk emblem showing it’s age, after miles and miles of highway driving and exposure to the elements?  BMW has used various different designs for their hood and trunk emblems. Some generations were fully cast and painted while others had a cast backing with a stamped and printed overlay glued to the backing plate (which has a habit of  flying off).

A worn out or beat up emblem is easy to replace and you can have your BMW looking sharp in just a few minutes.  This DIY video shows how easy it is to replace the BMW hood and trunk emblems.  The video also shows how you can customize your emblems to fit your personal taste and/or color scheme by applying the BAVauto® color change stickers.

Click the image below for replacement original BMW hood and trunk emblems:

Click below for color change decal sets (set does all emblems including wheels):

Click below for BMW hood emblem shield:

DIY Video:

Bavarian Autosport

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  1. Roger Zheng permalink

    Is it better to lay the colored overlays under or above the protective emblem shield? Thanks!

    • Apply the color changing sections before applying the emblem shield. The emblem shield is your outer protective cover.

  2. Hi,

    I just purchased a BMW front hood emblem (roundel) to replace the original one which had fallen off, or was removed by a vandel. It appears to have been adhesive backed, as there was only the base left with a yellow sticky material covering it. I attempted to pry the base up, but it is resistant. I wanted to know if I should have bought an adhesive backed roundel instead, or can I continue to attempt to carefully pry the base up? I have a 2005 525i, and used this information when ordering, so I assume the part I received should work as a replacement. I watched Otto’s video, it was very well done. Thank you!

    Bruce Duffany

    • Bruce,

      You have the early 2000s style BMW hood emblem (the original type, on your model). These were made as a cast metal base (the silver base section) and then a colored appliqué was glued to the base. Well, the adhesive eventually fails and the colored appliqué goes flying. This confuses many BMW owners when they receive the new emblem, which is a complete unit, base and colored overlay. You must first remove the base from the original emblem, just as we show in the video. You will then be able to install the new complete emblem.

  3. Paul wrote in with a question about replacing the side grill emblem on his Z3:

    Hi Guys, I purchased a new emblem from BavAuto last year for my 01-z3. I am just getting around to replacing it now and read your article on emblem replacement (hood and trunk) . The emblem is on the rt front fender . I am having a difficult time removing the old emblem. Is it the same procedure as doing a trunk or hood emblem replacement?

    • The Z3 side grill emblems and the X5, 745i/Li & 760Li through 02/05 and 8-series rear emblems are secured with an adhesive backing. If you look at the new emblem, you will see the adhesive ring around the outer area of the back of the emblem. Carefully pry the old emblem from the side grill and then clean up any adhesive that may stay behind, on the grill. Peel the backing sheet from the new emblem, line up the alignment pins and press into place.

  4. jaquez permalink

    i have a 325i 1992 bmw and somebody stole my trunk logo…. idk what logo to get because it all yellow and stick and it doesnt have 2 holes to put the 2 pins plz help

    • What you are seeing is the silver metal base for the original emblem. The colored “shield” has either fallen off or has been pried off. The replacement is a complete new emblem. You must remove the silver base, just as shown in the video (your’s is just missing the colored part). You can then install the new emblem.

  5. bobby permalink

    what is the difference in the hood and trunk emblem as far as replacement?

    • On most BMW models the replacement procedure for hood and trunk emblems is the same. One exception, of note, is the Z4 front emblem, which is installed with nuts on the back-side.

  6. Ric Sanchez permalink

    I have a ’97 M3 and it did not originally come with Roundel Emblem on the sterring wheel. Instead it has an embossed BMW letters where the emblem would go. Can an emblem be installed over this and would the hood emblem fit?

    • Earlier BMW models that are equipped with airbags do not have a colored emblem on the steering wheel. This was a safety measure. BMW did not want any emblem on the airbag cover that could become a harmful projectile in the event of the airbag deploying. None of the existing emblems for the vehicle (wheels, etc.) will fit the emblem on the airbag cover.

  7. Scotty permalink

    I’m planning on replacing my Z4 front hood emblem. So would I be needing new grommets as well as two new nuts in order to install it?

    In order to get to the nuts would I be needing to open up/unscrew the protective plastic engine covering in order to get at the nuts? Once the nuts are off, then I pry on the outside to release the old roundel from the grommets?

  8. David Sterling permalink

    I have a 2006 530i, and ordered the replacement hood emblem after somebody apparently thought mine would make a nifty souvenir. The emblem I received has two pins, but my hood has four holes, and they evidently are for pins that are smaller than the ones on the replacement emblem. Did I order the wrong replacement (part # 51148132375)? Thanks.

    • All of the BMW hood emblems are the same and have the pins at 9-o’clock and 3-o’clock (Except Z4 models). As for the 4-holes that you’ve mentioned, we’re not sure just what you are looking at. Do you have a photo?

  9. Pam Nicosia permalink

    Great video, thanks for posting it! I have a 2006 X3(3.0 i) and I had the rear emblem replaced at the dealer while it was still under warranty however i’m now out of warranty and need the hood emblem replaced and refuse to pay a few hundred to have them do it. The color emblem has fallen off and i’m left with the silver base on my hood. I just want to find out what I need to order to replace my emblem since the video doesn’t state a year for vehicles…I was told by the dealer that BMW’s after 2006 have a ‘newer’ type of emblem and mine are the ‘old’ which are not as easy to replace. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

  10. Joe permalink

    My 2003 330i’s hood emblem is just starting to chip. Is there a clear all weather adhesive I can coat over the emblem to prevent it from actually chipping off/replacing the emblem?

    • The clear shield shown in the video should help to keep your peeling emblem intact. However, once it has started to peel, it will fail eventually. Installing the clear shield on a new emblem will extend the life by helping to prevent the initial peeling.

      Click HERE for clear emblem shield

  11. Paul permalink

    I have an 04 330Ci and I was wondering if the protective adhesive for the trunk emblem would prevent against fading. My current emblem has a yellowish tint to it. Thanks.

  12. John permalink

    I have a 2004 X3 3.0i The rear emblem needs to be replaced how do I do that? replacing the front emblem was so easy, is the rear one harder?

  13. Yas permalink

    Is it necessary to replace the grommets? will the badge fit well if the old grommets are left in?

    • The old grommets may be a bit expanded and stiff. Sometimes the new emblem fits fine, other times it may be a bit loose. This is why we recommend to just go ahead and replace them.

  14. Glen permalink

    I have a 2004 Z4 where the front fascia emblem is crooked. It has the two (2) pins with push nuts… Since the emblem is crooked, I presume the holes are oval… but I can’t get the emblem to rotate, even the slightest… is it adhesive backed as well ? Any suggestions to straighten without damaging anything ?

    • We have not physically replaced a Z4 emblem as of this date. However, we have noted that most late-model BMWs do have a wad of adhesive under the emblems (from the original assembly line installation) in addition to the standard pins and grommets. The Z4 may have this adhesive as well. We do not know if the holes in the bumper cover are oversized or oval, but we would think that they would not be.

      You may need to remove the emblem in order to figure out why it is crooked and to get it on straight.

  15. Eric permalink

    I recently purchased what I think to be an OEM BMW hood badge from my local BMW parts department. The new badge is not as attractive as the original was when new . The original has a glossy plastic coating. The replacement is de-bossed and the aluminum is painted correctly but it has no glossy coating and looks much cheaper to me than the original

    Has BMW changed the design of them?

    In the video above, the emblems Bavarian Autosport sells appear to have the glossy “cloisonne” look that I was expecting. Is this true?


    • BMW has used various vendors (and designs) for the hood and trunk emblems. The current version of the hood badges is the style that you now have. We purchase these badges directly from BMW and this is the current design (molded and painted with raised chrome dividers and BMW letters).

  16. JC Kinnamon permalink

    Like others I had a hard time getting my emblem off the side grill of my older model (2001) Z3. Clearly the adhesive is doing the job of holding the emblem on, not the pins. I had better luck going in at 12 and 6 o’clock instead of 3 and 9 o’clock. It was pretty hard to get behind the metal piece, but once I got in, I could hear the adhesive backing giving way. I just kept applying serious pressure. It eventually popped. There were no grommets shipped with my replacement and no grommets in the existing holes. I assume this is because the pins are there for alignment purposes and the adhesive is doing the job of holding the emblem in place. The video got me started, but I had to go in a different direction.

    • Thanks for your comments on the Z3 side grill emblems. Yes, indeed, there are adhered and the pins are just for alignment.

  17. Otto: I just ordered replacement hood and trunk emblems for my 2002 530i BMW. I am unable to access the replacement video. I would appreciate written instructions before attempting to remove the old emblems. Thanks

  18. I have a 2003 BMW 745i. I’m looking for a replacement hood roundel. However, I’ve seen 2 different sizes advertizedas OEM for the same model. One is 80mm and another is 82mm. Which is the correct size? THanks

    • Otto permalink

      There is only one proper hood badge/emblem for your E65 chassis (7-series 02 thru 08). This is the one that we have listed in the link below. This emblem is used on just about all BMWs (for the hood).

      Click HERE for BMW hood emblem

  19. Paul C permalink

    Hi Otto,

    Thanks for the how-to video, I’m about to order replacement hood and trunk roundels, and I’m hoping their replacement will go as smoothly as in your video!

    Unrelated question: What brand/make of watch were you wearing? I’m a bit of a watch aficianado and didn’t recognize either the face or the bracelet. Thanks.

    • Otto permalink

      Timex, E-Instruments line. This one has Tide, Temp and Compass.

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