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BMW E46 Window Regulator

April 14, 2010

How do I replace the front window regulator on my 99 328i?

The procedure to replace the window regulators on the E46 chassis (3 series 99-05) is not terribly difficult. However, it is rather detailed and requires a number of steps. The Bentley repair manual contains the full procedure, along with photos, and will guide you through the procedure.

We’ve noted the basic steps below:

* Disconnect the battery negative cable, if the door panel is equipped with a side impact air bag.

* Remove the inner door trim panel.

* Carefully peel off the plastic vapor barrier sheet. Do not rip or damage the vapor barrier, as it must be re-installed in order to assure that there is no water intrusion, into the vehicle’s interior.

* Disconnect the window from the regulator. Push the window up and wedge in place with a wood wedge block.

* Disconnect the regulator assembly from the door frame, by disconnecting the electrical plug from the motor and removing the regulator mounting nuts.

* Remove the regulator assembly through the lower opening in the door frame.

* Install in reverse order.

Click below for window regulators:

Click below for Bentley Repair Manuals:

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