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BMW Oil Change & Service / Inspection Lights Reset – 1998 Z3

April 12, 2010

I read the article in the Fast Times newsletter on how to reset service interval lights on newer cars.  How about a 1998 Z3 Roadster? I hear a paper clip will work to reset the lights. Your thoughts?

We do not subscribe to the “paper clip” reset method and, hence, do not have any information on this. There is far to much at stake to be messing around with paper clips or jumper wires in the DLC (Data Link Connector) port. A fried ECU is just not worth the risk. We do offer two different tools that you can use to reset the oil and service indicators. One tool just does these resets, the other will also read and reset the engine fault codes.

Click below for fault code & reset tools:

bmw fault code reader reset tool

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