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Brake Pads Warning Lamp Reset – 2001 325i E46

April 12, 2010

I replaced the front & rear brake pads in my 2001 325i this weekend, following your guide in the Summer 2003 Fast Times Newsletter. The whole process went well and smooth, however, the brake pads warning lamp is still on. What should I do?

The brake pad wear warning light, for your E46 3-series chassis, can be reset as follows:

1) Insert and turn the ignition key to the “RUN” position (the position that the key is in when the engine is running). Do NOT turn all the way to “START”.

2) Wait at least two minutes.

3) Turn the key off and remove.

4) Insert key and start engine. Light should be off!

Attention readers: It’s important to note that the following procedure applies to the E46 3-series chassis. If your vehicle differs from that, please contact Otto for further assistance at: [email protected]

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