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How to Clean Cosmoline From BMW Engines, Zymol Strik

September 4, 2018

BMW enthusiasts who have been with the marque for more than just a couple years are well familiar with the Cosmoline preservative compound that BMW used to prevent bare aluminum parts, under-hood and under-car areas from corrosion.  The Cosmoline was sprayed on at the factory and solidified into a nearly impervious waxy film.  While the anti-corrosion properties are welcome, the Cosmoline itself is … well, ugly.

For an enthusiast who enjoys keeping a detailed engine compartment, Cosmoline is the bane of his/her automotive existence.  The compound is impervious to common cleaners and solvents.  We’ve tried all kinds of cleaning methods with the goal being a well detailed under-hood with bright aluminum and clear inner fender paint.  Years ago, we finally found a product that works.

Zymol (makers of high quality, environmentally friendly automotive waxes and detailing products), introduced their Strik product years ago and we found that it worked quite well to dissolve the Cosmoline without causing damage to the underlying metals and paint.  We were reminded of the Zymol Strik when our friend, Phil, asked about cleaning the Cosmoline off of his newly acquired 1990 Z1.
1991 BMW Z1 purchase day BAVauto

We sent Phil some of the Strik and he went to work.  Check out his initial efforts, below, after his first pass.

BMW Z1 before cleaning cosmoline with Zymol Strik BAVauto

BMW Z1 After using Zymol Strike cosmoline remover BAVauto

Phil did note that he needs to do a second application and it did require some mechanical abrasion (minor scrubbing), but the Zymol Strik worked far better than anything he had tried up to this point.

Click below for Zymol Strik:
Zymol Strik Cosmoline remover engine cleaner BAVauto ZYM 307


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