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BAVauto Tire and Wheel Transport and Storage Caddy, BMW MINI

June 8, 2018


Storing and moving your BMW or MINI off-season or track tires can be a bit of a hassle.  Just moving the tire sets from the vehicle to the storage spot is tedious and time consuming.  And, if you have to move them once they are stacked …. un-stacking and moving one-by-one .. well, you know.

BAVauto Tire Transport Caddy Allows Quick and Easy Stored Tire Care

The safer, more ergonomic and more efficient method for transporting wheels and tires on smooth level surfaces. The Tire Caddy features locking casters to keep it in place, plus it’s load-rated to 330 lbs. Measures 25″ x 25″ x 6.75”.  Use in conjunction with the BAVauto Wheel & Tire Cover for full care of your stored wheels and tires.

Click image below for BAVauto Tire Transport Caddy:
BAVauto Tire Transport and Storage Caddy Store and move 4 wheels and tiires

Bavarian Autosport

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  1. How f’ed up that you need to sign in to look at a price?
    Or so bad that the email doesnt link to the product?
    Do some corrective work or stop emailing me.

    • You do not have to log in to look at a price.
      The links in the email go to either the product or the article (depending on what we are representing to you. The article has the product links.
      If you are seeing different and would like to see where the hang-up is, we would certainly like to hear about it, Fradzz.

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