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Dimple Neodymium Magnetic Drain Plugs, Video, Best Choice For BMW and MINI

May 11, 2018



Here at BAVauto, we’ve been using and recommending the Dimple Super Magnetic Drain Plugs since our first evaluation and testing of them.  As implied in the video, above, these are the highest quality and strongest magnetic drain plugs that we have ever used or tested.

Dimple Super Magnetic Drain Plugs  are manufactured from either billet “Nickle Fusion” steel or modified original BMW or MINI drain plugs (depending on application), and use the strongest rare-earth neodymium (say, nee-oh-dim-ee-am) magnets.  While some original BMW and MINI applications use magnetic drain plugs (such as; some transmissions and differentials), the  neodymium magnets used in the Dimple plugs are far stronger than the magnets used in original BMW or MINI magnetic drain plugs (if the particular application has an original magnetic plug).  Additionally, the neodymium magnets are unaffected by the operating temperatures in automotive engines (up th 300 deg. F), transmissions and differentials.  Normal drain plug magnets weaken substantially as they become hot (over 175 deg F).

So What?

With all of the above points in mind, you may say, “so what?”  Well, as an engine or gearbox assembly operates, it creates wear.  Wear is the “scrubbing off” of fine metallic particles.  Even when using the highest quality synthetic lubricants, such as Liqui-Moly or Red Line, there will still be wear within the assembly.  Once these wear particles have been generated, we do not want them circulating through the system (via the flow of the lubricating fluid), as this would create additional wear.  This is why we have oil filters on our engines and automatic transmissions (note that most manual transmissions, differentials and transfer cases do not have filters).

OK, so why do we need a magnetic drain plug, if we have a filter?

Much of the metallic wear particles are small enough to pass through the filter media (if a filter is even used).  The magnetic drain plug will trap and hold these wear particles until the next fluid change.  When the magnetic drain plug is removed, the wear particles are cleaned from the magnet and forever removed from the engine or gearbox.  The magnetic plug is reinstalled and the cycle starts over again.  The higher magnetic strength of the neodymium magnets in the Dimple Super Magnetic Drain Plugs will pull the metallic wear particles through the lubricating fluid from a greater distance (the particles do not have to pass as close to the magnet) and hold them with a greater tenacity.

Dimple engine oil drain plug – 2007 MINI Cooper


Bavarian Autosport

  1. Kevin permalink

    what is the thread pitch and diameter of these upgraded magnetic drain plugs you offer for BMW and mini? Need for Porsche appl.

    GAS Motorsport

    • Kevin,

      we have many different threads available. If you go to our web site and search “dimple” you shoul dsee all. The thread size is in the part number. Finally, if you do not see an applicable plug, we can likely get it from the manufacturer.

  2. Dane T permalink

    How are the magnets attached to the plugs? Is there any chance that the magnet could come loose (if attachment failed and magnetism failed, for example) and end up some place that it shouldn’t be in the engine or diff?

    • The plugs are steel so that the magnet, once inserted into the pug, is practically impossible to remove. The magnets are epoxied in with a high temp, oil & fuel resistant epoxy, as well.

  3. Schmierstoffe DM permalink

    Knowledge Enhancer post about Dimple Super Magnetic Drain Plugs. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Magnetic Drain Plug Question
    After using a magnetic drain plug for over 28 years in my 1969 Porsche, I am a firm believer in the benefits of this drain plug type. The plug housing and threads were made from steel. When you torque the drain plug to the specified value, you are basically stretching the bolt and the stresses are shared both by the drain plug and oil pan housing threads. The torque value specified by Porsche was based on a steel drain plug and a steel oil pan cover which was threaded to accept the drain plug.
    I now own a 2006 330i BMW and I have several concerns about using your magnetic drain plug based on the above paragraph.
    1. Is the torque value for the magnetic plug the same as specified by BMW for their OEM drain plug (which is aluminum)
    2. Since your magnetic drain plug is steel, is there a different torque value? I am concerned about overstressing the threads in the aluminum (or magnesium) portion of the engine. Steel has a higher acceptable stress level than aluminum.
    Thanks for your help.
    Fred Rosen
    Customer Number 4506371

    • Fred,
      (I have already replied personally to you, but now can address the comment in open forum)

      I have never seen an aluminum BMW oil pan drain plug. I just pulled the original BMW drain plug for your 330i and it is, indeed, steel Torque values are the same as for the original plug.

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