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Atlantic BMW and MINI Remanufactured Power Steering Pumps and Racks

March 8, 2018


Atlantic Automotive BMW power steering pump BAVauto

There’s no way around it, eventually our BMWs or MINIs are going to require a replacement steering pump or rack.  These items last a long time, but given enough time and/or mileage,  they will need to be replaced due to seal leakage, parts wear or outright failure.  Fortunately, we typically have a choice between new replacement assemblies or remanufactured assemblies at a much lower cost (compared to new).  These options allow the vehicle owner to repair the vehicle in the manner which they feel most comfortable.  One owner may wish to only use fully new replacement parts.  Another owner may wish to keep the repair cost down by using a quality remanufactured part.

Remanufacturing is different from rebuilding

A properly remanufactured part/assembly is fully disassembled, cleaned and inspected.  All wear-out parts are then replaced …. whether they are currently “worn out” or not.  The part is then reassembled to original specs.

Typically, a rebuilt part/assembly is only disassembled enough to replace any faulty or worn out parts and is then reassembled and made available for sale. Cleaning and re-finishing may or may not be done.

A remanufactured part is as close to a brand new part as you can get.  A rebuilt part is made to be functional again, but all the parts that were not replaced still have the same amount of life and wear as they did before the “rebuild”.

Atlantic Automotive Engineering (AAE) is a part of the highly recognized CRP Automotive group (ContiTech, Rein, Pentosin and more).  Atlantic offers fully remanufactured steering components for our BMWs and MINIs, to include power steering pumps, Steering racks and gearboxes.

Click image below for Atlantic Remanufactured Steering Components for BMW and MINI:
Remanufactured steering rack for BMW BAVauto AAE Atlantic

Check out this informative CRP video, on Atlantic Automotive:

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