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How to Install a Leather Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover, DIY Video, BMW and MINI

March 2, 2018


One of the great tactile pleasures of driving a high-performance car is wrapping your hands around a substantial, leather steering wheel. If your BMW’s steering wheel is plastic, or the factory cover is worn or damaged, a Wheelskins wheel cover will allow you to experience that pleasure anew, every time you drive.
Two Tone Wheelskins steering wheel cover on BMW BAVauto

Since 1977, Wheelskins has manufactured only the finest in leather motoring accessories with a strict emphasis on quality and value. Each steering wheel cover is individually hand-crafted in California. The leather is choice, domestic cowhide that has been tanned to Wheelskins specifications. And thanks to the patented lacing system, installation is a simple, do-it-yourself job that results in a tight, custom fit on any steering wheel in about an hour.

In addition to being an ideal upgrade for plastic steering wheels or worn factory covers, Wheelskins wheel covers have become a personal fashion statement, allowing you to change the color of your steering wheel. Wheelskins offers both single-color covers and Eurotone style covers that let you create a two-tone wheel cover using any of the 13 colors Wheelskins offers.
Wheelskins steering wheel covers color samples BAVauto

When ordering, simply measure the outside diameter of the steering wheel and the circumference of the grip.  Use a piece of string to mark the sizes and then measure the string with a tape measure.

Click image below for Wheelskins steering wheel covers:
Order Wheelsknis steering wheel covers for BMW and MINI click here BAVauto

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