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Ice and Snow on Windshield – DO NOT Turn the Wipers On

January 5, 2018

Windshield wipers frozen to windshield BMW MINI BAVauto

Through the winter season, most of us in the US (even in the southern states) will deal with an iced windshield, on our BMWs and/or MINIs, at least once, if not many multiple times.

Ice and snow on our cars is going to happen, whether in the northern climates or occasionally in the southern climates.  This ice and snow naturally builds up on the windshield and the windshield wipers.  The easiest way to clear this is to turn on the wipers, right?  Well, no, quite wrong.

Ice on the windshield and the wiper arms and blades may have frozen the wipers in place.  Turning on the wipers at this point will activate the wiper motor ….. but, the motor cannot move since the wipers are locked in place.  This can overheat and damage or “burn-out” the motor.  Additionally, it can damage the wiper transmission (the gears and linkages that change the rotational output from the motor into the oscillating action of the wiper arms).  Both of these conditions can be expensive to repair. No ice, just snow?  A heavy layer of snow on the windshield and wipers can do the same as the ice …. prevent the wipers from moving when turned on.

There’s another benefit to clearing the windshield before using the wipers.  Running the wipers over frozen ice and snow on the windshield will significantly shorten the useful life of the wiper blades.  The rough and often sharp frozen snow and ice really beats up the soft blade material.  The worn blades will quickly start to streak and wipe poorly.

Click image below for wiper blades:
wiper blades for BMW and MINI BAVAuto

Soooo …. always clear the ice and snow from the windshield AND the wipers before actuating the wipers.

Click image below for Oxo Snow Brush:
Oxo good grips ice and snow brush BAVauto

Don’t want to scrape the ice and snow?
Use the SnowShade!  SnowShade lays over the windshield and protects the glass and wipers from ice, freezing rain and snow.  Simply lift the cover off and the windshield and wipers are nice and clear …. ready to drive.

Click image below for SnowShades:
Windshield snowshade ice and snow cover for BMW and MINI BAVauto

Got a lot of snow to clear?

Use Sno Brum to clear heavy snow from your car quickly BAVAuto
Use what we use … and what professionals at car dealer lots use … the Sno Brum.  The Sno Brum is a lightweight foam snow clearing tool with an extendable handle.  The Sno Brum allows you to quickly clear light or heavy snow from the windows as well as the complete vehicle.  A common sight, here at BAVauto, is a dozen Sno Brums flailing away in the parking lot on a snow day.

Click image below for Sno Brums:
Use Sno Brum to quickly clear snow from vehicles BAVauto

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