BMW MINI Cold Engine plus Cold Oil equals Engine Wear – How to help

BMW best oil Liqui Moly
BMW oil change with Liqui Moly Synthetic Oil and Ultimate Funnel BAvauto
BMW and MINI seasonal winter oil change, using Liqui Moly Synthetic motor oil

At BAVauto, we have long talked about the benefits in using a high quality full-synthetic motor oil, such as the Liqui Moly synthetics.  This becomes more important as the ambient temperatures drop.  When an engine is started, it takes a specific amount of time for the oil pump to distribute the oil (from the oil pan) up to the engine’s bearings and components.  As the temperature drops, this time lengthens.  The increased time for the oil to arrive at the engine’s bearings and components increases the cold-start engine wear.

What can we do to help reduce the engine’s cold-start wear?

Using  a high quality full-synthetic motor oil helps to assure good cold temperature oil flow.  Additionally, changing to a lighter weight oil in the colder seasons gives even faster cold-start oil distribution through the engine.  A fresh oil change, going into the cold months, will assure that the oil arriving at the engine’s bearings is clean and provides the highest levels of lubricity to combat friction and wear.  Finally, Liqui Moly’s Cera Tec ceramic anti-friction treatment helps to prevent wear of engine components and acts as a cold-start- wear barrier until the cold oil makes its way to the engine components.

Check out this short video from Liqui Moly, comparing the cold flow times (at 0-deg C), to engine components, of various weights of motor oil.

Click HERE for our DIY video on changing engine oil

Using Liqui Moly’s full synthetic 5w30 Special Tec (BMW LL-01 approved) is the first step in caring for your BMW or MINI engine, not only in the cold months, but all year long.  If you’d like to provide your engine with even better cold-start protection, Liqui Moly’s full-synthetic 0w-40 Synthoil provides the fastest cold-start oil distribution throughout the engine.

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Liqui Moly Cera Tec anti wear/friction treatment is added to the engine’s oil and coats the engine components with a ceramic based compound that reduces metal to metal contact.  this reduces friction and wear at all times, but especially during the cold-start period.

Click HERE to see a test showing how Cera Tec reduces metal to metal wear.  Test shows wear reduced by 50% with Cera Tec (vs without).  Test results shown in the last 3-minutes of the video.

Click below for Liqui Moly Cera Tec:

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