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BMW Recall – i3, Possible Injuries if Seatbelt Not Used

November 22, 2017

BMW may be considering a voluntary recall on all i3 models sold in the US.  Reports state that 95th percentile women ( under 5′, 110 lbs) may be at risk of additional head/neck injuries in the even of a head-on collision …… when not wearing the seatbelt.

Currently, all i3 sales have been suspended and BMW has yet to announce what the potential recall will do to remedy the issue.

In the mean time, i3 drivers and riders can substantially reduce risk of injury …… by wearing their seatbelts,

To quote an article from an online green news source:

“It’s unknown how BMW will correct this, but it is known how the current i3 owners can prevent having any issue: Just wear your seat belt. I have a little personal experience with crashes and i3s. I owned a 2014 i3 REx for over three years until a few months ago when a distracted driver ran a red light and t-boned my car on the passenger side at about 45 mph. The car was a total loss, and I walked away a little sore, but relatively unscathed.”

At this time, it is expected that i3 owners will begin receiving letters from BMW in January, 2018.

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