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BMW Oil Temparature Gauge vs Engine Coolant Temp Gauge

November 10, 2017

Most of us started driving when BMWs had actual engine temperature gauges (coolant temperature gauge).  Some later M models also had oil temp gauges.  Today’s later model BMWs and MINIs do not have driver view-able engine temp gauges, they simply tell you when the engine/coolant is running above specification.  Some later models (turbocharged models, in-particular) may have an oil temperature gauge, but still no engine (coolant) temperature gauge.

We have been finding that many drivers have been assuming that the oil temperature gauge is an engine temperature gauge.  In this case, the driver either thinks the engine is never coming up to full operating temperature, as the the gauge never reaches mid travel (the engine temp gauges typically run at the 1/2 gauge  point) …. or …. they think the engine is way too hot, since the normal operating oil temperature may be higher that the driver would expect if it were engine coolant temp.

If you have a temp gauge, take a look at it ….. does it have an image of an oil can on it?  If so, it’s an oil temp gauge.

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  1. Laila Andrewson permalink

    Normally we start driving when the gauge temperature get cool.Some launched M models also had oil temp gauges.But in most of car the features indicate you when the engine/coolant is running above specification.And some of the later models have an oil temperature gauge,but no engine temperature gauge,which makes the engine cool.

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