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Does My BMW or MINI Have a Sport Package?

December 19, 2016

Have you ever noticed that (it seems like) every BMW listed for sale on the internet has a Full Sport Package, M-Sport Package, M-Package …. or some similar reference to the vehicle being optioned with what the seller assumes you, the buyer, would see as positive.  Everybody wants a sport package, right?  Well, maybe not.

Real example, from online ad (we checked the VIN … no sport packages on this vehicle):

  2007 BMW 530xi AWD Wagon, 139k Miles, Auto, Sport Pack.!! Nav. P.Roof!!!

Equally important as the purchasing decisions is knowing how your BMW or MINI is optioned when purchasing upgrade or repair parts.  While not all of the parts on the vehicle are different when actually optioned with the various sport options and packages, some parts and systems actually do employ different parts.  Most BMWs and MINIs can be optioned with various levels of sport or M-tech packages.  Often, the packages may be limited to certain parts or systems of the vehicle, such as; suspension (usually includes wheels), wheels, seats, steering wheel, external body parts and interior trim.

Owners often assume that a vehicle that does have some type of sport options also has different “sport” brakes.  While there are a few exceptions, most BMW and MINI models keep the same brake parts whether optioned with sport or M-Tech packages, or not.

When purchasing your upgrade or repair parts, the most common areas that ARE dependent on whether the vehicle has any sport type options include; suspension (shocks and springs), front and rear bumpers as well as other exterior trim and body parts, interior trim, seat parts and steering wheels.

Which One Do I Need?

How do you know if your BMW or MINI has various sport options?

1) Provide the VIN to a BAVauto advisor (800-535-2002), who can run the VIN and determine if the parts in question are affected by the options on the vehicle. Note; we only need the last 7 digits of the VIN.

2) Check the original vehicle invoice or window sticker for listings of the option packages.

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