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BMW DIY Video – Replacing 3-Series Heat and AC Blower Motor and or Final Stage Resistor – E90, E82, E84, F25, E89, F26

January 29, 2016

Back in the Fall 2015 Fast Times (Click HERE for this article), we talked about the common faults and issues with the later model climate control (heat & A/C) blower motor speed controls, or final stage units (such as the blower not functioning, or not being consistently and properly controlled).  See the prior article (link in prior sentence) for a full description of the symptoms that may indicate a blower motor or final stage fault.

Starting with the mid ’00 and later, 1, 3, X1, X3 and Z4 models, the blower motor and the final stage unit are redesigned and mounted in a fully different manner and location.  Both the blower motor and the final stage unit are mounted forward of the glovebox, making them relatively easy to service.  This DIY video will address these models.  The prior article showed the replacement of the final stage unit as used in the 3, 5, Z4 and X models from the mid ‘90s through the mid ‘00s.

In this DIY we will be replacing the blower motor and final stage unit in a 2007 E90 335i.  The final stage location and the general procedures shown will be very similar for many BMW models, including; E82/88 1-series 2008-13, E90/91/92/93 3-series 2006-11, E84 X1 2013-15, F25 X3 2009-15, F26 X4 2014-on, E89 Z4 2009-15. The Bentley repair manuals (where available) detail the final stage unit location and replacement procedures for the different models.


Blower motor:

Final Stage Resistor Unit:


BavAuto® Metric socket, torx & allen tool set:

BavAuto non-marring pry tool set:


1)   Remove the lower trim panel, forward of the glovebox.  Remove the two Torx screws and pull the panel to the rear and downward.

2)  Remove the auxiliary outlet socket and  footwell light harness plugs.

3)  Remove the footwell air duct.  Pull the end of the duct downward to release from the clip.

Pull the opposite end of the duct from the main air distribution housing.

4)  Disconnect the vehicle wiring harness plug from the final stage unit.

5)  Locate the blower motor locking tab on the forward side of the blower motor mounting flange.  Press the tab downward and turn the motor counter-clockwise.

6)  Lower and remove the motor and final stage assembly.

7)  Disconnect the blower motor harness plug from the final stage unit.

8)  Remove the two Torx screws securing the final stage unit to the blower motor housing.

9)  Assemble the new blower or final stage unit to the corresponding original unit or assemble both a new blower motor and final stage unit using the original securing screws.

10) Connect the blower motor harness plug to the final stage unit.

11) Install the blower and final stage assembly into the vehicle blower housing, noting the position of the locking tab.  Position the motor in the housing and turn clockwise to lock.

12) Connect the vehicle harness plug to the final stage unit.

13) Install the lower trim panel.


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