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How to Properly (Fastest) Defrost, Defog, Your BMW or MINI windshield

February 2, 2017

We all know the scenario (well, at least those of us in the northern climates); you head outside to the car for your morning commute and the windshield is covered with ice and snow.  Do you know how to properly set your climate control for the fastest windshield clearing?

*  Of course, if you do need to get going right away, you’ll have to manually clear the heaviest ice and/or snow

* Set the climate control to the defrost setting (direct all of the air at the windshield).

* Set the heat to full hot.

* Set the blower fan to high

* Be sure the fresh/recirculate control is set to fresh air

* Here’s the kicker …. if there is moisture on the inside of the windows, turn the air conditioning button on.

Once the windows are clear enough to start driving, if you are having trouble with the insides of the windows fogging (windshield or side windows), make sure the blower is on high speed and the recirculating air control is NOT turned on.  Recirculating the air will keep all of the interior moisture … in the interior, and on the windows.  If the windows are still fogging, turn the air conditioning on (in addition to the heat) and run the blower at high speed.  The air conditioning will help to dry the air.  Removing the excess moisture from the interior will help to keep the windows from fogging up.

If it’s quite cold out and snowing heavily enough (or freezing rain) to be accumulating on the windshield while the vehicle is driving, running the climate control on full defrost (as outlined above) may not keep ice or icy snow from freezing to the windshield, due to the windchill while the vehicle is moving.  In this case, fold the driver and passenger sun visors down to about 90-degrees or a bit more (make sure you can still see under them), while running the blower on high and the heat on full hot, in the defrost function.  The visors will help to keep the heat that is blowing up across the windshield from just blowing past and to the rear of the interior, and will keep the windshield itself warmer.  If you start to overheat, crack open a side window to allow excess heat to escape.

*  You can greatly improve the performance of the vehicle’s windshield and glass in wintery or rainy conditions through the use of Aqupel windshield treatment. This will help rain and snow to “bounce off” the windshield and even the side and rear glass, greatly improving the clarity and vision.

Click HERE for article on Aquapel glass treatment

Click HERE for Otto’s Aquapel DIY video

Don’t want to scrape frozen ice or snow from your windshield?  Keep the ice and snow completely away, while your car is parked, with the BAVauto® Windshield SnowShade!

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