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BMW E39 5-series & X5 Climate Control Buttons

March 24, 2010

E39 Chassis (5-series 97 through 03)
E53 Chassis (X5 through 06)

I received the heater / air conditioning control panel replacement buttons, that I had ordered, today. I was wondering do you have any references on how to change them out? Do I have to remove the entire panel in my car and replace with what I got from you or can I just replace certain buttons? (I actually just need two of the buttons).

The worn-out buttons for the climate control input panel, are quite common on the E39 and X5 chassis. BMW offers the replacement buttons as a complete new face plate, typically with paint stripes across the face plate, so that you can only use the buttons. You must remove the climate control panel assembly in order to install the new buttons into your face plate.

The Bentley repair manual does cover the removal of the climate control panel. Once the panel is out, the face plate can be removed from the panel. Basically, you must remove the radio and then the climate control unit, in order to access the face plate.

* Remove the radio by first removing the volume knob (pull it off). Next, insert a 2mm Allen-key into the hole at the bottom of the volume knob recess, in the radio face plate (6 O’clock) and turn 90-degrees to release the locking tabs. Pull the radio out. Disconnect the electrical connector plugs.

* Push the climate control panel out through the radio cavity opening. Disconnect the harness plugs.

* Snap the face plate off and then replace the individual buttons.

There are three different replacement button sets, depending on the vehicle production date. Use the link below to go to climate control parts, then ID your model and search for “control panel buttons”.

Click below for Climate Control Replacement Buttons:

Click below for Bentley Repair Manuals:

  1. Virgilio Moreira permalink

    I need the climate control buttons for the E39, but the link above is not working. It takes me to a long list of parts. Even if I select model and year could not find it. Thx.

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