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BMW DIY Video – Replacing Spark Plugs and Installing High-Performance Coils in BMW V8 N62, 545i, 750i, X5, etc.

May 9, 2014

This DIY (Do It Yourself) How To Video shows how to remove and replace the spark plugs in a typical late-model BMW N62 V8 engine.  The N62 V8 has been used in the following chassis and models:

* E60 5-series (2004 thru 2010 545i, 550i)
* E63 & E64 6-series (2004 thru 2010 645i, 645ci, 650i, 650ci)
* E65 & E66 7-series (2002 thru 2008 745i, 745Li, 750i, 750Li)
* E53 X5 (2004 thru 2006 4.4i, 4.8is)
* E70 X5 (2007 thru 2010 4.8i)

Whether you are replacing the spark plugs or the ignition coils (or both), this BavAuto DIY video will detail the steps and tools needed to complete the task.  The procedures shown would also be applicable to the installation of the Bavarian Autosport High Performance Coils.


Spark Plugs:

Ignition coils (high performance & direct replacement):

Liqui-Moly Anti-Seize compound:

Tite-Reach Wrench 1/4″ drive:

Tite-Reach Wrench 3/8″ drive:

Bavarian Autosport

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