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BMW DIY Video – Fluid and Filter Change, Automatic Transmission, ZF 6HP Models

April 2, 2014

This video, from ZF Services, details the fluid and filter change (replacement) for the ZF 6-HP family of 6-speed automatic transmissions (6HP-19, 6HP-21, 6HP-26, 6HP-28, 6HP-32), as used in many later model BMWs.

Thanks to ZF Services for allowing us to post this video.

Click HERE to see our other automatic transmission filter and fluid change DIY Video for examples of fluid and filter changes on earlier 5 and 4 speed BMW automatic transmissions.

Click HERE to see the ZF 6HP 6-speed fluid and filter change DIY video.

The applicable Bentley repair manual will detail the specific steps in changing the fluid and filter for your BMW model and transmission application.  Click on the link below.

Click HERE for a discussion on replacing the fluid in high mileage BMW automatic transmissions and why “lifetime” is not what you may think.

Click HERE for official ZF letter detailing current service recommendations for “lifetime” original fluid applications.

Automatic transmission filter kits:


Automatic transmission fluid:


Bentley repair manuals:

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